A report on the last two weeks: busy, productive, and rewarding.

The last two weeks have been very busy. Sherry arrived on a Sunday, and we began on Monday having reading sessions with all of the readers that had previously been divided between Tony, Tammie, and me. On top of that, we have a few new readers. What a blessing to have our days absolutely full of enriching conversations with Brazilian friends!

Our party last week was a Building Party. We used mixer games to build friendships and then we had a competition to build a tower out of spaghetti, tape, and string. Everyone really enjoyed it. The great thing about Brazilians is that it isn’t “uncool” to be silly and play games. Quite the opposite! Brazilians are skillful party goers because they come ready to have fun and participate in activities.

This weeks party was huge! We hosted it at the church building because there simply isn’t enough room here at the apartment. We went all out with American decorations, American barbecue, and American July 4th games. We had 50 guests at our American Independence Day celebration and it was definitely a fun time. One that thing we want to demonstrate to demonstrate as an LST team is that Christians can have fun, too. I think we are succeeding wildly in this! I vaguely remember crawling into bed around midnight after a full day of hard work.

It’s hard to believe that we only have one more week of LST! After 6 parties and countless hours of reading and talking with so many friends, I know it will be sad to say goodbye. I’ll be staying in Brazil for a couple more weeks to shadow Nick, help the Fowler’s however they need, be with the local church, and maybe have some other unique Brazilian experiences along the way.

This is primarily an LST trip, but its been great interacting with the members of the local congregation as well. Visiting their houses, teaching class for them on Sundays, discussing their personal Bible questions, practicing my Portuguese, and working alongside them in various capacities including the hosting of LST parties has been a real pleasure.

Sherry put on a Ladies’ Day at the church this morning with about 16 participants. I don’t know much about their super secret lady’s-only proceedings, but I’m told it was a great event and that all of the female members of our congregation attended, bringing friends with them.

As always, it’s been hot but rewarding!

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