Mrs. Sherry arrives!

With much sadness the Torres’ have returned to the United States.  We had a fun event Thursday night to send them off before their plane left on Friday.  Twenty six were in attendance and we had fun with a photo scavenger hunt at “Estacão Das Docas” (the Dock Station).  There were many sad goodbyes and earnest requests from readers that they consider returning next year if possible.

It was a pleasure to work with the Torres’ for three weeks for many reasons.  They are good cooks, hard workers, experienced event planners, and they have a real heart for evangelism.  Having Tony around to strike up impromptu Bible studies and eagerly show relevant passages on different topics was an encouragement to several here.  Tamie was alway busy doing what needed to be done to make life go smoothly in our apartment.

With the Torres’ safely home, Mrs. Sherry has arrived!  She has really hit the ground running and been busy settling in, helping to plan our next social event, and learning her reading schedule which she is eager to begin with her readers.

It has been nice to work with others this summer as compared to the solo project last year.  This broadens our range of talents and abilities as a team and creates a more energetic atmosphere.  Its also important for me, as someone who is interested is some type of future ministry, to learn what I can about working closely with people each day as a means of furthering God’s work.

The LST project is now halfway over, and I’ve had a great time so far learning about the culture from the locals, seeing local sights, watching World Cup games, reading each day with my readers who are eager to practice English and discuss the next passage from the book of Luke, getting to know the local church better and having the opportunity to speak to them, witnessing three baptisms, picking up more Portuguese, seeing what Nicholas does each day, and many other things!

Don’t forget to pray for us!  Thank you.


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