A Great Week!

So much has happened in the last five days.  We’ve completed our first week of reading sessions, and really enjoyed it.  The one-on-one nature of Let’s Start Talking is really fun because it is so conducive to the formation of genuine friendships and natural conversations.

On Thursday night, we had our first social event.  There were 21 in attendance and everyone had a great time.  It doesn’t hurt that my teammates are professional cooks/event planners!  You could tell that they have some serious experience with event execution.

We decorated outside the Fowler’s house with streamers ad balloons, and enjoyed sandwiches, cookies, and popcorn as we played pictionary with a large group of church members, LST participants, and friends.

Worshipping with the church this morning was great!  After a great deal of time and effort, we finally have power in the new church building.  Each Sunday morning, the church shares breakfast before having an open Bible study, worship, and a sermon.  Today we had the treat of hearing sermons from two of the members, Miguel and Felipe.  Its fantastic to see two capable leaders besides Nicholas in this young congregation!  I was very encouraged to hear their lessons.

Other activities that we shared with our readers this week included visiting a beautiful theater to see a free performance by a string quartet and percussion group, walking through a zoo full of Amazonian plants and animals, and having a great lunch today.  Its nice to have friends who want to share these experiences with us.

3 thoughts on “A Great Week!

  1. Back from camp now and recovering from that. Really good to hear from you on such regular basis. Our camp was excellent and all here is upbeat. Four great interns for the summer here with the kids. Tell all Hello from
    MJ. Prayers are with you. Great Blog, keep us posted.

  2. Alan, a big hello from your family at Mj! Thanks for the great update. It is exciting to hear of the daily work w/ lets start talking as well as the times of worship and fellowship. Be sure and tell Tony and Tamie hello, as well as the Fowlers. It is wonderful to hear the reports of the Christians there growing and serving.
    Love you all and So Thankful for you ALL!
    Glory be to God.

  3. Alan, it’s great to see your update and the photos! It’s amazing to remember that on Sunday worship is occurring in God’s church all across the globe. Sometimes it’s all too easy to forget, I’m so thankful for the reminder your message gave. Pls send our hellos and love to the Torres’ and the Fowlers, and the congregation there. May you all encourage each other and glorify God in your work. Kim

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